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Now through the end of 2019, The Grainger Foundation will match all donations up to $25 million to Engineering at Illinois' scholarship endowments. The opportunity to improve the quality, diversity, and global influence of our undergraduate students has never been greater.

Since the Initiative's launch, the number of women in Engineering at Illinois' freshman class risen by about 55 percent, as have the number of under-represented minority students. Six times more first-generation college students are offered scholarships than in 2012.

$25 million is a lot of money to be raised in a relatively short amount of time. But it is a challenge we can and will meet with your help!

Matching Challenge from The Grainger Foundation will match all engineering scholarship endowment gifts up to $25 million

Now through the end of 2019, The Grainger Foundation will match all donations made to the College's Engineering Visionary Scholarship Initiative.

An anonymous donor has already given a new $1 million gift to the initiative, which will be matched immediately.

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"This is an amazing opportunity, and it's a great time for our alumni and friends to step up. Our supporters have always been tremendously generous. Now we can double the impact of that generosity."

Andreas Cangellaris
Dean, Engineering at Illinois

Meet Our Students

“I enjoy the multidisciplinary approach to my education, as I am able to see the bigger picture of how industry works in the real world.”

Omar Joya
Electrical Engineering '17

Meet Omar

Omar Joya
Ponicki Sisters

“Being at U of I isn't something that we take for granted. This is a huge opportunitiy for us and the EVS scholarship made it possible.”

Frances Ponicki
General Engineering '19

Meet the Ponicki Sisters (video)

Investing in
the Next Generation

Life-changing scholarships are an expensive yet worthwhile proposition, and we know not everyone can afford to establish a scholarship like this on their own. Here is what we do know:

  • We have raised $52 million of our $100 million dollar goal thanks to the help from our generous alumni and friends.
  • Support is greater in numbers. More than 1,200 donors have given to this initiative.
  • This initiative has created over 500 additional scholarships for our most deserving undergraduate students.
  • We have increased the amount of scholarships awarded by 40%.
$50 million
$100 million

We have raised $52 million of our $100 million goal thanks to the help of more than 1,200 donors.

Grainger Library

The Grainger Foundation's Commitment

The Engineering Visionary Scholarship Initiative was established in 2013 with the help of a $30 million gift from the Grainger Engineering Breakthroughs Initiative. The Grainger Foundation's generous support is at the heart of this initiative because it is a testament to their beliefs of how access to higher education can transform lives.

With the help of their gift, we are one step closer to establishing large, renewable scholarships to help students choose Illinois over a competing offer, and to help make college more affordable for students and their families.

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About EVS

Scholarships work. They bring amazing engineers to Illinois.

In particular, when donors give to the Engineering Visionary Scholarship fund, the flexibility of this support allows the College to offer scholarships strategically, based on where the most merit and need lies among our students.

Since established in 2013, there has been a direct correlation between an increase in enrollment numbers and additional scholarships offers to students.

55% increase in the number of women in the freshman class

55% increase in the number of under-represented minority students in the freshman class

6 times more first-generation college students offered scholarships than in 2012

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