Launched with the help of a $30 million endowment from the Grainger Engineering Breakthroughs Initiative, the Engineering Visionary Scholarship (EVS) Initiative boosts our ability to bring the best engineers to Illinois by making college more affordable for students and their families. We place a particular focus on highly qualified students from the State of Illinois. Our long-term vision is to provide our students with large, renewable scholarships that transform their undergraduate experience, and help them choose Illinois.

Our Priorities

EVS is one of Engineering at Illinois' top giving priorities. These scholarships address:

  • Affordability Ensure that Engineering at Illinois is affordable for any student who can succeed here
  • Diversity Make Engineering at Illinois more vibrant and diverse
  • Global Impact Bring even more of the very best students to Engineering at Illinois
  • Student Quality Create world changing technologies and insights, as we have for over 150 years

Scholarships Work. They bring amazing engineers to Illinois.

Asha Kirchhoff

The flexibility of EVS allows the college to offer scholarships to students where we see the most need coupled with the most deserving students. Since the initiative kicked off, there has been a direct correlation between more scholarships awarded and increase in enrollment numbers.

  • 55% increase in the number of women in the freshman class
  • 55% increase in the number of under-represented minority students in the freshman class
  • 6 times more first-generation college students offered scholarships than in 2012

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As the Initiative continues, we will continue to focus on the enrollment of women, as well as, other groups traditionally underrepresented in engineering. Our ideas and discoveries can only help the world if we get them out to the world. We want to make sure every student who can succeed at Engineering at Illinois has the opportunity to do so. Providing scholarships — like EVS — will allow us to have global impact.

Impact Stories

“Receiving the Engineering Visionary Scholarship helped me to understand the benefits of collaboration and supporting others. Accomplishing any great feat in life is dependent on the team supporting us.”

Systems Engineering and Design ’19

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Siobahn Fox

Our excellence is as broad as it is deep

The best students and educators come to our College to connect with top faculty, a diverse student body, and successful alumni— who are collaborative, innovative, and drive towards excellence.

  • 32.5 is the average ACT score of our incoming freshmen
  • 50% of undergraduates participate in research
  • 70+ engineering-based student organizations
  • 60+ laboratories, research centers, and institutions
  • 2,000+ research projects each semester
  • Average starting salary of bachelor's degree graduates is 11% above the national average

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